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To have a global view of the Historic events in the area of the Caribbean Sea we must go back to the origin of the american man. The are several theories about the seattlement of the continent, some of them, perhaps for being nominated before other has received a higher acceptance by the scientific community and the general public. But nevertheless, as the arqueological studies get more generalized in the excavations throughout the continent it seems that any theories exclude another and it is the conbination of some of them that offers a better explanation of the archaeological finds and therefore the reality of what it realy happened. Then it remains to be determined by where, when and how often these migrations occurred from other continents . Click! On the images to open the link

Throughout the years, the thousands of years, the former inmigrants who arrived, settled and succeeded in America developed very rich cultures, curiously without any relation between them and ther cultures outside the continent, probabily because the territorial vastness, existing means of communication and time.

The social, economic and political situation that the Spaniards found in America when they arrived to the Caribbean was the resoult of a long-standing presence of man on this continent, I suggests a look (although biased ) to the chronological scheme between 15000 BC and 1490 AD time to the prediscovery of America. The Incas in the Andes of South America, Aztecas in North Central America an meny other In the Caribbean Sea basin were sofisticated and organized cultures. Along that periord of time many important culture developed and disapear by diferent circunstances.

In Central America the Maya was the moust important, however they did not had by that moment the relevance of past eras, so they coexisted with many different neighbors with their own small and diverse cultures. The Arawaks were present in different parts of the region, of which The Tainos were the main representative in the Caribbean islands. This people were culturally peaceful and well established and were directly affected by the more aggressive tribes the Caribe from South America, origin of the sea name.

There was an event that divided American history into before and after it, and is the discovery of the continent by Europeans. It was in the Caribbean Sea where Christopher Columbus arrived after leaving Spain and crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 AD. By then existed in the Caribbean Sea the Maya and near the Gulf of Mexico the Aztecs along with several other populations scattered north of South America and the Caribbean islands.

There were four voyages of Christopher Columbus to the Caribbean Sea in a period of time between 1492 and 1504. He visited almost all, although he did not knew beyond the Caribbean coast. It was on his third voyage, when he entered via Macuro and found Margarita Island in the Caribbean Sea, the only time he set foot in the American continent. On his fourth voyage he sailed the coast from north to south through Central America. After that he never came back.

During the colonial periord of time the Caribbean Sea was plagued by piracy and comertial trade due to the huge amount of gold, silver and species that Spaniards take from America to Spain. This circunstance undoubtedly made the Caribbean Sea the most violent place known for that time. Especially have to mention the gold route which for many decades was a continuous flow to Spain. The pirates not only attacked their prey at sea also made it to the cities so that many ports were walled for defense.

They are the fortifications built during the colonial period we have left as a sign of violence by the riches that exist here. That ambition for wealth is the circunstance that is the delayed in it`s growth.

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