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All countries and dependent territories that have coastlines in the Caribbean Sea are located around it. The North and East section are insular and the South and West continental. The predominant language is Spanish, but it is also spoken English, French, Dutch and a number of indigenous or mixed indigenous languages.
The below separation is related to the geographical location with respect to the Caribbean Sea as its center. For each country in the list they are mentioned the islands that are under its jurisdiction and have a link with the button that opens a text display on the related topic. This button is a link that opens a screen with an image on the related topic.

Islas de las Antillas Mayores
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Islas de las Antillas Menores
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Sur America
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Centro America


The Greater Antilles are located in the northern section of the Caribbean Sea and are formed by the largest islands. Like the other islands of the Antilles are of rugged terrain except the island of Cuba dominated by flat lands. On the Hispaniola Island the natural vegetation is rain forest while in the other the forests are dry. All have excellent beaches with coral reefs.

Mapa Mar Caribe


República Dominicana

Isla Saona
Isla Beata
  Isla Catalina
    Isla Alto Velo

Estados Unidos

    Puerto Rico
    Caja de Muertos
    Isla de Cabras


    Cayos de Morant
    Banco de Pedro
    Cayos de Pedro
    Cayos de Puerto Real

Islas Caimán

    Caimán Brac
    Gran Caimán
    Pequeño Caimán


    Isla de la Juventud
    Cayo Largo del Sur
    Jardines de la Reina
    Cayo Blanco
    Isla de la Gonâve
    Isla de la Tortuga
    Isla de Vaches
    Islas Cayemites

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