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Although this section of the United States of North America and the Bahamas are not part of the tectonic plate of the Caribbean Sea, it is included in these pages because of the great importance they have within the tourist, economic and historical dynamics of the Caribbean Sea.

This section of the Caribbean Sea has always been a place of great importance since the discovery of America. Florida before being anglo speaker was Spanish and in the Bahamas there was a Pirate Republic in some time of the colony, which hav been relevant to the Island of Cuba almost since the conquest itself.

The continental section of this area is occupied by the southern part of the Floria peninsula with its main city in Miami. To the south are the succession of coral islands that come to end at the Key West. To the north along the coast are Forlauderdale with its seaport where many of the cruises that travel to the Caribbean Sea arrive. Further north is the no less attractive recreational city of Orlando with its many tourist parks.

Las Bahamas son un conjunto de pequeñas islas sobre una plataforma coralidad.

Mas al sureste en este sertor se encuentran las islas Turks y Caicos.



Estados Unidos

    Key West

Las Bahamas

    Nueva Providencia
    Gran Bahama
    Isla Larga
    San Salvador
    Isla Cat
Islas Turks y Caicos
    Caicos del Oeste
    Caicos del Norte
    Caicos Central
    Caicos del Este
    Caicos del Sur
    Cayo Ambergris
    Cayo Pine
    Cayo Parrot



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